album di famiglia fall/winter 14

hi, all of you out-of-towners on the call list, here's a quick photo list of what just came in. only thing not shown is a matte black knee-length cotton puffy coat:

neoprene hooded pull over. the back has a zipper that starts at the bottom and goes to the neck.

 these are a fine corduroy.

over sized super soft really tall cowl neck

these are a dark green tailored fabric.

super soft legging. fit like tights.

this is in charcoal.


Brad Mildrexler: Clay Works

Please join us.

Brad Mildrexler: Clay Works

Thursday, August 14, 2014

5-8 pm



Hi there,

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.
Along with this sunshine comes summer sales, which means
our markdowns have begun!  We've made good use of the red pens around here...
Most of the clothing in the shop (and online) has been marked down 30%.
Previously marked down clothing has been reduced to 50-65% off.
And there are new deliveries still on the way...
We've just received deliveries from WWake, Monica Castiglioni, Zoe Chicco,
Kowtow, Ashish, Pip Squeak Chapeau, Kristensen du Nord, Modaspia and Drifter.
We hope to see you soon.
Enjoy your summer and each other.
All the best,